Ball Street is the UK's number one football multi platform network. An independent collective of true fans, social influencers, YouTube channels, bloggers and football personalities. We are clubbing together to create a new wave media organisation for the millennial generation


What do we do?

We open up new ways for brands to partner with true fans and connect with passionate audiences.  Working with our influencers and creators, you can reach your consumers more directly, more organically and at scale.  By creating branded content with our social influencers, major brands such as Google/UEFA, Virgin Media and Vauxhall have been able to amplify their message while entertaining their target audience.

I don’t hear what Ball Street are offering being echoed by anyone else. They are different from the sports content cartels
— Head of Video, major digital publisher
Ball Street’s real time branded content is the magic bullet for harnessing the new media model
— Global Strategy Director, media agency
Expect to see more of the likes of Ball Street making the most of the potential of digital platforms
— Anchorfan, Sports Social News!
We’re truly excited to have established a relationship that puts Betfair right at the forefront of what really matters to football fans
— Business Director, Arena